Capture, store, retrieve, route, and retire information the way your business needs to.

Successful document management and work process automation don’t just happen; they take a thorough understanding of your current manual process, a ‘nothing is sacred’ approach to refining it, and a reliable & flexible set of tools to enable you to build a solution that seamlessly fits into your existing environment.

Through our network of authorized INDICIUM resellers and OEM partners, INDICIUM has been putting documents & data to work for clients across the USA in financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, utilities, and telecommunications, as well as local, state & federal government. More than an excellent storage and retrieval application, INDICIUM serves as the foundation platform for business workflow applications such as human resource records management, invoice processing, order processing, contract approvals, and correspondence management.

In healthcare, INDICIUM is the foundation of process automation solutions including patient registration scanning, charge entry coding, EOB processing, medical records capture, chart management, and verbal orders processing.

With both on-premise and Cloud options, INDICIUM’s modular approach allows you to buy only what you need and its intuitive interface keeps the learning curve low. The product suite has three primary components: INDICIUM DM (Document Management), INDICIUM Capture (Document and Data Capture), and INDICIUM Flow (Workflow Automation). Specialized INDICIUM Utility Modules provide customization to suit each organization’s unique needs and integration to core business software applications. For small workgroups, we offer Inspire by INDICIUM, a bundled entry-level configuration which features a both document management and workflow.



The INDICIUM Suite is an n-tiered, client/server, object-oriented application based on the Microsoft .NET technology—a standard, open-architected platform that lends well to customization and product integration with 3rd party software.

The INDICIUM Document Management System features unlimited indexing and utilizes non-proprietary database. The system is modular as well as scalable in design. The software offers a full Management Studio enabling audit logging and security control, and can be implemented on your own servers (on-premise) or in a SaaS model (Cloud).

Document management, data capture, workflow automation