Police Department Positions for the Future with INDICIUM Document Management


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This client is one of the largest and most urban law enforcement agencies in the Midwest, with an authorized strength of 379 sworn officers and 110 civilian support staff. With its bureaus of Patrol Services, Homeland Security, Administrative Services, Detective Services, and Inspectional Services, the Department serves a population of 200,000.


The Business Challenge

The Department made the move to document imaging over a decade ago, utilizing the technology to help further their goal of a paperless law enforcement records environment. Roughly a half-million images are added to the system each year. Over time, the existing document imaging platform required more and more support, and file corruption was becoming the norm. Adding to the list of issues was the likelihood that the imaging software would be sunset by the manufacturer.


The Solution

Realizing the new system needed to not only replace the current functionality and integration with the existing law enforcement systems, but also provide a strategic platform for future growth, the Department selected the INDICIUM enterprise content management system.

It was important to the Department to minimize user re-training by initially replicating the exact functionality of the old system. This meant full system integration of INDICIUM with their existing applications and data sources, and transferring in excess of 4.5 million images and corresponding meta data from the old imaging system. INDICIUM’s integrated Migration Connector Utility and Import Server were employed to extract data from the old imaging system and seamlessly imported it to the new INDICIUM platform. During the conversion process, any objects or data found corrupted in the old system were repaired and restored within INDICIUM.

In the new environment, INDICIUM Capture is used at three scan stations to bring high-quality images of the paper documents into INDICIUM DM. Incident reports created in MS-Word are also captured and automatically indexed in INDICIUM, with no additional effort.

Because INDICIUM is integrated with the Department’s I/LEADS system, their 300 users can simply select a case in I/LEADS and click a hot button to immediately access all of the objects stored within INDICIUM for that case. System security can restrict access down to the document level, preventing unauthorized access. The ability to monitor access (and attempted access) provides a full audit reporting capability for the Department. Through the INDICIUM system, the Department can also provide secure and audited access to the system for county attorneys and investigators.