BizTech’s ProMed Scanning & Document Management Integrates with QuadraMed at Cooley Dickinson


Cooley Dickinson Hospital - Document Management

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Technologies Used:

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Cooley Dickinson Hospital provides 24-hour emergency care, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services, medical, surgical, cardiac and cancer care, childbirth services, behavioral health and rehabilitation. Clinical and laboratory services are provided at the main campus and through a network of local offices.


The Business Challenge

Cooley Dickinson Hospital was looking to improve their revenue performance and reduce costs while remaining HIPAA compliant. Specifically, Hospital administration sought to:

  • Replace their existing aging & limited document archive with a true document management system that provides a platform for future growth and process automation.
  • Integrate the document management system with their QuadraMed Affinity health information system to enable data interchange.
  • Deploy automation to capture, index and import medical records and patient registration documents into the document management system, making them accessible to authorized staff.


The Solution

BizTech Healthcare Solutions, an authorized INDICIUM reseller, implemented its ProMed DM (document management) to replace the aging document archive. ProMed DM is built upon the INDICIUM platform and supports “image-enabling” the existing QuadraMed Affinity system, allowing users to access stored documents and files directly from within the QuadraMed system without reentering patient name, medical record #, or other index information. ProMed presents stored images the way the user needs to see them to be more efficient in their job. The software complies with HIPAA regulations for secured access to patient records. ProMed DM provides an audit trail of all access and attempted access to stored records.

ProMed Medical Records Scanning gives the Hospital the ability to digitize all paper documents in the patient’s medical record file. Two high volume Fujitsu scanners are used in the Medical Records Department for document capture of the patient records. Using barcode technology, the first document in a patient’s file is encoded with the patient’s name and medical record number. Separator sheets are inserted between individual documents within the file before scanning. The entire file of scanned documents is automatically linked to the patient record within QuadraMed. The documents are accessible for viewing online via hotkey access directly within QuadraMed.

ProMed Patient Registration Scanning was implemented on 25 registration desks throughout the Hospital’s campus. Together with a small Fujitsu scanner, ProMed Patient Registration Scanning allows hospital staff to easily capture and index patient documents such as driver license, insurance card and referral notices. A hotkey button within their QuadraMed screen launches the scanning application. Once the documents are scanned, the images are stored in ProMed DM and are automatically associated with the patient’s record within QuadraMed requiring no additional data entry by registration staff.



With the software development and system integration work by BizTech, the hospital is positioned to continuously achieve time and cost savings because its technical architecture for improving processes is now modular, extendible and standardized to add additional applications from the ProMed Series. Some key benefits:

  • Documents within the ProMed DM system stay under the hospital’s secure control (HIPAA compliant)
  • ProMed’s audit trail provides a record of all access [including attempted access] to all documents within the system.
  • The ProMed hotkey within QuadraMed simplifies access to stored documents.
  • Data entry errors and lost documents are virtually eliminated.
  • Patient identification documents are captured consistently during the registration process.
  • The Hospital has an extendible platform on which to add the capability for automated workflow processing.


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