Workers’ Compensation Association Company Finds Stability and Growth with INDICIUM DM


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This Midwestern nonprofit, licensed by its home state as a Data Service Organization, collects policy, claims, and financial data from member insurers licensed to sell workers’ compensation insurance in the state. The information is used to develop an Annual Ratemaking Report as well as to provide services to regulatory bodies and 250 insurance carriers across the state.


The Business Challenge

Throughout the year, the Company receives policy, claims, and financial data from the members. These documents need to be scanned and archived for audit and legal purposes. The Company’s existing document management system, implemented by another vendor, was failing. The proprietary system was difficult to maintain and unreliable. The Company was unable to get these issues resolved with the existing vendor and needed to find a trusted technology partner to help them to succeed.


The Solution

Alchemy Conversion/Migration and Keyfile Conversion/Migration

Working with an authorized INDICIUM reseller, the Company devised a sound plan to migrate their knowledge assets from the existing document management system to INDICIUM DM. The new system immediately eliminated the data corruption issues. INDICIUM DM’s Microsoft platform and open database support fit nicely with the Company’s existing Oracle database and was easy to integrate with their core business applications. Most importantly the staff could access exactly the information they need, when they need it.

Today, their INDICIUM DM system reliably and securely manages over 30M objects, adding an average of 12,000 pages daily. When documents are received in the mail room, minimal identifying information is entered into the Company’s core application, creating a fly sheet. This sheet accompanies the document stack to the scanning operation, where the software reads the fly sheet and automatically indexes and stores it in the INDICIUM DM system. Relying on their new system, the Company is strategically poised to move ahead with their plan for a full paperless operation.